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Thursday, July 21, 2016

The Selection - Kiera Cass

This would be a good book for me to talk to students about why we abandon books.  And then I could discuss why SOMETIMES we need to just give a book a little more time.  The first 40 pages of this book I was literally rolling my eyes.  It seemed very much like another trilogy that I had read about 5 years ago.  See if you can guess which one I'm talking about...
-A female protagonist
-Setting - some sort of distopian/post war society
-Citizens are unfairly divided into a caste system read: districts
-A contest is announced and our protagonist finds herself as a favourite
-Her true love is in a lower caste who is worse off than her family
-Adorable sister whom our protagonist loves dearly
-Unnecessary opulence at the very top
-All the 'nation' watches the contest unfold
Puhlese! I couldn't take it.  I had decided to bring this trilogy home this summer because a student recommended it to me.  She often doesn't go for the fluff, so I was intrigued.  After my 40 pages, I put it down and honestly thought about abandoning it and blogging about my reasons.  I went a whole day in my summer reading marathon without reading!  This morning I had some time to myself and decided to give it another 40 pages.  Now?  I have to find out what happens!  America is a strong character who stays true to herself and Prince Maxon is an interesting character too.  The 2 have a connection and right now she is his inside source.  She is going to give him information and Maxon will let her remain so that her family will be taken care of at home.  I predict that he likes her already and is just waiting for her to fall too.  We'll have to see. 

I do allow kids to abandon books and tell them to do so if they have given a book a chance.  I will definitely use this experience as an example.  I will tell students that sometimes you just need to give a book another chance before you REALLY decide whether you are going to stick it out or not!

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