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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Guest Blog By Parker - Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Parker - Age 10
Me: So Parker, you have read all the 'Diary of a Wimpy Kid' books this summer, correct?
P: Correct

Me: Was this the first time you read them all?
P: Yes

Me: But not the first time for some of them, right?
P: Yep

Me: Why do you like these books so much?
P: Cuz I like how there's pictures and words

Me: There are lots of other books around that have pictures and words.  Why do you think you (and lots of other kids) always go back to read these books?
P: Because the person in the book, Greg, is about the same age as me

Me: That's interesting?
P: Uh huh, he does stuff that I would do.

Me: Like what? What type of things would you do or think is interesting?
P: Ummm, that's a hard one.  He's always going over to his friends Rowley's house.  I like how he has a big brother and I like to read what he does.

Me: The big brother is a bit of a goof, right?
P: Ya

Me: Do you think you are ever going to try another book?
P: Yes

Me: When?
P: Well, I've already tried the villager book.

Me: Like, you've really tried?
P: Ummmm well, I read 20 pages, so ya, I guess

Me: Why don't you try 20 more pages and get back to me?
P: OK, later

Me: <<<<sigh>>>

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