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Monday, July 4, 2016

Stones on a Grave - Kathy Kacer

I have written several posts about the Secrets Series and our school had the privilege of hosting the Secrets authors this past Fall.  I have just now gotten around to reading Kathy Kacer's contribution.  Summertime!  Time to catch up on all the reading I wish I could do all year long.

I knew I would like this book and I was looking forward to another Holocaust book by Kacer.  She is a fabulous writer of this genre.  Anytime I recommend a Kathy Kacer book, students usually enjoy them.  Last year, a group of students were so moved by her writing that they had a fundraiser and asked her come and do an author talk all on their own.

I was hopeful that 'Stones on a Grave' would be as great as 'Hiding Edith' or 'Clara's War'.  I was not disappointed.  What was interesting in this story is that Kacer writes about the aftermath of WWII.  It's so interesting to read about Germany in the 1960's and experience how Jewish people were treated then and to see how German people felt after the atrocities of Hitler and his armies.  It would be a difficult thing to have witnessed some of what happened, to have had some knowledge and have felt powerless, or scared to stand up against what was happening.  It's a question you can ask yourself and your students having the benefit of hindsight.

I highly recommend this to anyone interested in WWII and fans of Kacer herself.  You can read it on its own or as part of the Secrets series.

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