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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

The Keeping Quilt - Patricia Polacco

Along with a recent obsession with books about writing, I seem to be also thinking a lot about Grade 2 Social Studies (Ontario Curriculum).  When I'm planning, shopping for books and thinking about how I can assist teachers, I often think of a topic and/or grade grouping.  Maybe because my daughter talked a lot this year about what they were doing in Grade 2, I seem to have focused a lot of my attention lately to Global Communities and Traditions. 

Abby this year had to research her family and discuss traditions that we recognize as a family.  'The Keeping Quilt' is a lovely story to read aloud and can be a great way to introduce traditions to this age level.  Polacco often writes from her experiences.  Topics and questions that can be asked after reading this story are:

What is your family story?
Where does your family come from?
Have any recent family members had to immigrate to a new country?
What traditions does your family have?

Students can discuss and perhaps share traditions or heirlooms that have been passed down from generation to generation.  The activities shared in my post about 'An A From Miss Keller' would be great to do in conjunction with these traditions activities.

Kids love to talk about their families and love to share things that their families celebrate.  Another great activity at this age is to make a family tree.  It could be as simple as immediate family or as complex as going back many generations.

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