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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Hurry, Freedom - Canadian Flyer Adventures - Frieda Wishinsky

Guest Blogger - Abby (Age 7, turning 8 next month)

Did you like this book?

Because I learned lots of new things and it was very nice.  It is a real story and people got to freedom.

What was your favourite part?
When they were getting to Canada off the raft

Tell me about the setting of the book
I thought about a house with no windows or doors at first but then one window with a lantern in it.  Around it would be forest and a horse and wagon.  But all around would be forest.  Then you would go farther into the woods (about 10 meters???).  You turn to your left and a cave would be there.  In front of you is a bridge and water all around the bridge.  After there is land and forest and a beach.

Why is this an adventure?
 Because you have to get across the water without people catching you.  And they were all around you at night.  And you were trying to get there.

What did you learn about the Underground Railroad?
I learned that slave catchers would try and catch black people.  There was a nice man and lady that were trying to help everyone who was slaves.  The slave catchers try to catch them.  They try to catch them to get money.  They get money because the slave owners set out people to catch them.  Emily and Matt are trying to help.

The Underground Railroad is how the slaves can get released to freedom.
Slaves run away from slave owners that make them work.
Nice people volunteer to help them get to Canada because Canada is a safe place

Thanks, Abby!  Keep up the summer reading!

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