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Friday, July 8, 2016

Todd Parr

As a librarian I inherited a few Todd Parr books and I have used them endlessly with young students.  Often topics like Remembrance Day are too complex for little people to understand.  So books like 'The Peace Book', can explain what we really need in this world - to love each other and realize that we are different.

I love that Parr ends each of his books with a letter to the reader.  It makes the message very personal and in my experience, kids love to hear the voice of the author.

Another Parr book, 'It's OK to Make Mistakes', is great to read at the beginning of the year so that students know that you expect them to make mistakes.  The message is that through mistakes we truly learn.  Even big people!

'The Family Book' is one that I have just ordered, but feel it is necessary as we see so many different types of family in our schools.

My new favourite Todd Parr book is 'The Goodbye Book', how touching!  Todd writes at the back that this was the hardest book to write because it is hard to say goodbye.  This would be a great book to keep on hand for when your students experience loss.

Bravo, Todd Parr!

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