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Saturday, May 28, 2016

Hush Little Dragon - Boni Ashburn

A constant battle that I have with myself is this: What will I read to the Kindergartens today?

Only librarians will be able to understand the complexity of this struggle.  A successful Kindergarten read aloud is a delicate balance that is hard to achieve.  You could have a home run book and they might have just enjoyed cupcakes for someone's birthday and you won't have a hope of having them pay attention.

So you need to be prepared.  You need a home run book every time they visit.  You must have an arsenal of appropriate books on hand.  Planning is so very necessary.

It can't be too long.  It can't be too simple.  It can't be complex.  A funny book is good but it has to be kindergarten funny.  The list goes on and on and is dependent on the day, time and weather. Coordinating with the kindergarten teacher is helpful because if you read a book on a topic they are studying at the very least, they will talk forever about what they already know.

So I'm going to start sharing some good Kindergarten Read Alouds.

This one I predict is going to be a home run!  Why?  Because I'm going to sing!  I love singing with the K's.  They love to sing, they love to hear me sing and I think most of them might know this classic.  Hush Little Dragon is written to be sung to the tune of Hush Little Baby.  This is a twisted theme because the mama dragon is looking for a bedtime snack for her baby dragon.  She finds princesses, soldiers, all sorts of things to give to the baby.  I think it's hilarious.  And it's kindergarten hilarious.  Sing it loud, sing it proud and I bet they'll sing along.

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