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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Shaken - Eric Walters

'When the earth on which you stand has been shaken, maybe all that is left is the faith from above' - (Eric Walters)

Walters never ceases to amaze me!  Shaken has a very different message from recent novels by Walters.  In Shaken we are introduced to a minister's son who is questioning his faith after the passing of his mother.  The minister and his kids are in Haiti helping to build an addition to an orphanage.  Here Josh (Joshua) is introduced to a country of people who are suffering loss of their own.

Big Question #1 - How do you measure personal loss against someone else's?

Josh meets a pastor who doesn't seem to mind that he has questions about his faith.  Pastor Dave lets Josh speak freely which is freeing to this boy who is mourning the death of his mother and trying to keep it together for his younger sister.  His world (the world) is literally shaken when an earthquake strikes.  Josh quickly takes on a leadership position to help those around him.  Will he have the courage to do what needs to be done to save his new friends, his dad and his sister?

Again, Eric Walters take an opportunity to teach a bit of history.  However in true a Walters style, we learn more about the human spirit.

Funny how you experience things at just the right time...I read this novel at a time when my own faith had been tested.

Big Question #2 - How DO people continue to have hope and faith when horrific things happen to them and the people they love most?

A timely read for me and I'm sure it will conjure up memories and emotions for the readers as well.  Thanks for encouraging us to keep the faith! 

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