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Monday, August 10, 2015

My Love for Marsha Forchuk Skrypuch

If I were a great Canadian authoress (and honestly, is there a librarian anywhere who doesn't dream of writing in some capacity?) I would reach out to my readers rather than becoming an author who is caught up in her literary prowess.  One of the most exciting things that has happened during my time as a Teacher-Librarian was having Marsha Forchuk Skrypuch seek out my lowly little blog and respond to some students who had read Making Bombs for Hitler, and blogged about it.  Marsha (I can call her Marsha because she's read my blog, that means we're friends) commented on their post and answered their questions.  Not only was this exciting for me, but think about how exciting it was for those students?  They had just finished reading this awesome Canadian novel, which by the way, won several awards that year, including the coveted Silver Birch Award.  They had been working towards earning a vote in the Silver Birch Awards that year and in order to 'prove' they had read the book, they needed to blog about what they enjoyed about the book.  Then I got a notice that I had a comment on my blog! Cool!  It was from Skrypuch!  She thanked the students for their kind words and let them know that she was currently writing another sequel so that readers would find out what happened to Luka from Making Bombs for Hitler.  This novel is called Underground Soldier and tells the story of what happens when Luka escapes the work camp where he and Lida meet.  The students were overjoyed and I doubt they will soon forget Skrypuch's gesture.  Any student who I have recommended this book to, has LOVED it and wanted more.  Thankfully, I can direct them to Stolen Child, which tells the story of what happens to Lida's sister, Larissa during the time when she is in a work camp.  I can confidently recommend this trilogy to all sorts of readers but especially students who love reading about WWII.  I can also tell students that this Canadian author truly cares about her readers.

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