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Monday, August 10, 2015

Power Play - Eric Walters

I am a self professed Eric Walters super fan.  As teacher-librarian in my elementary school for 4 years, I've always pushed Walters on all sorts of readers with much success. He has a real talent for reaching struggling readers and avid readers with topics that are timely, relevant and intriguing.  Power Play does not disappoint.  I always tell kids I'm a s-l-o-w reader, especially if the text doesn't grab me.  This was a quick read.  I needed to know what happens to the main character Cody, a tough, rough, hockey player dreaming about becoming a NHL legend.  As gripping as the story is, this can be a difficult read.  It deals with sexual assault in a very real way, describing the confusion and shame in a way that will stay with a reader.  I would caution younger readers who think they can handle YA fiction about reading this sometimes upsetting and REAL story. If you have struggling readers who can handle the content, Power Play is a great choice.  Another home run for Eric Walters in my opinion!

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