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Thursday, August 27, 2015

My Pick for Best Summer Read - We Were Liars - E Lockhart!!

Yes!  This is my summer pick!  Best book/best surprise of my summer reading!  Unfortunately I purchased this last year and didn't read til this year, so I AM a year behind.  People have told me it's hard to start (even I had this problem last summer).  Don't give up, this book is so worth it!

First off, I love it because I was born to live by the sea.  Preferably Martha's Vineyard, but I would settle for a private island on Georgian Bay.  This need for water makes the setting of this novel perfect for my tastes.  I love the map that is provided at the beginning of the novel.  The description is great for visualizing and I have read many stories set on the East coast to aid my visualization.  When reading this book to young adults, I would definitely spend a time on the use of setting.

So I love a novel set in New England.  I also love a great family story.  Multiple generations with old money is great for romantics like myself.  This family is wonderfully dysfunctional and there's a whopping mystery to solve at the end. Check, check, check!  Teenage Mrs D is in heaven!  Who am I kidding?  Adult Mrs. D has never grown up! Oh, did I mention a love story?

An absolute page turner!  You have to find out what happens to this poor protagonist who is in love, feeling torn my her parents divorce, her family, her cousins - it goes on and on.

I would also spend a lot of time predicting during a study of this novel.  You don't know the truth until the very end, but some keen readers may be able to figure out what is going on.  I did not.

I took We Were Liars on vacation with me this summer (on the water).  I read it in less than 1 day and gave it to 2 others who were with me.  They read it quickly as well and loved it too.  More than anything I love sharing a great book and having them love it as well.

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