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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Lifetime - The Amazing Numbers in Animal Lives - Lola M Schaefer

This is a book full of treasures!
Kids LOVE books about animals.  Animal books are the most used and abused books in the library.  I'm always looking for and buying new ones because they are constantly being signed out.  This will be a very popular book for my animals lovers who enjoy a bit of math too.  There is a group of kids in every class who thrive on non fiction.  This is a book for them.  'Lifetime' is full of intriguing facts that I never knew before.  There's a math connection too.  It explains average to kids in an easy to understand way.

Apart from reading this book for pleasure, this book would be a great way to introduce an animal inquiry.  I have done animal inquiries with a few groups.  Instead of the generic things that 'teachers' often asked students to find out about animals (habitat, food...) students are free to find out things that THEY want to know.

After your student's animal inquiry projects are done, make a class book.  I love class books - they are a way to celebrate learning and an easy culminating task.  Each student can be responsible for a page about their animal.  On this page they will include the MOST interesting facts they discovered.

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