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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

I Dreamt...A book about hope - Gabriela Olmos

This beautiful book can be used around Remembrance Day but for so many other things as well.  As I was reading I thought about a scenario where kids may be talking about war, guns and drugs and seeming insensitive.  This would be a beautiful addition to a serious conversation. 

The book was created by Mexican artists as a fundraiser for the IBBY Fund for Children in Crisis.  Bibliotherapy is when books and reading is used to help children who have lived through wars, civil conflicts and natural disasters.  Using their reading they think and talk about their experiences.  Children who have not know disaster would also benefit from learning how children other than themselves use literature to cope.

You could use this book for an art project.  They could recreate or create their own work based on what they read.  The use of font style can be discussed for their own artwork and how the font style affects the feeling of the illustrations.

There are some hugely moving quotes that can be taken from this book and used individually.  I believe students can do a reading response from lines such as:

'I dreamt...that danger could be cut into confetti if only you could find the right pair of scissors.'
Oh my.
How about...
'When I woke up I remembered that for many kids life is more of a nightmare than a sweet dream.'

Where the  discussion can lead is dependent on how the students respond to statements such as these.

I love this book.

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