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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Unspoken - Henry Cole

My school has recently begun the French Immersion program.  As an English speaking librarian, I've struggled with how I can service the French classes in a meaningful way.

My recent discovery for these classes...wordless books.

The grade 3 class is very fluent in french.  I recently shared Unspoken with them.  They are beginning a unit on Early Settlers and this book is a great one for asking questions and discussing how life was in the late 18th century.  The Underground Railroad is a fascinating topic and it's connection to Canada is great.  So much of pioneer stories are based in the United States, but I make sure I let them know about the Canadian connection.

After discussing what they already knew about slavery and the Underground Railroad, I had the grade 3's narrate the wordless book en Francais with their teacher listening so that she can translate for me if necessary!  This keeps the two teachers invested in the read aloud.

We had to split the read aloud between 2 library visits because the kids were so interested and had so much to talk about!  They were fascinated by the idea of someone hiding in the barn and looking for the clues in the pictures.  Just the right amount of 'scare' to keep 9 year olds intrigued!

A great book for many age groups especially if you are doing a unit on wordless books.

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