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Friday, February 5, 2016

We're All Made of Molecules - Susin Nielsen

"There are two sides to every story"

What a relevant and current novel.  This is an important read for those who are the age of the 2 characters - Stewart and Ashley.  Whether you are on the side of the geeks or the popular crowd OR someone in the glorious middle, you can relate to these real and likable characters.

Funny and so realistic, I laughed out loud several times.  Stewart is my favourite, but I found myself cheering for Ashley as well, especially at the end.  She has the most opportunity for growth and she doesn't disappoint.  The popular girl sees the light!  The geek prevails!  It's all good.  You will enjoy this novel.  It's easy to read and will several events will definitely generate discussion in your intermediate class.  I'd want to know what my students would feel about what happens to these characters.

- death of a parent
- a parent 'coming out' to spouse and daughter
- bullying
- homophobia
- date rape

Any of these topics could be cause for discussion and opportunity to empathize with characters.  I would recommend this book as a read aloud to to an intermediate class, but know your audience before you begin.

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