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Friday, February 5, 2016

Innocent - Eric Walters

My love affair with Eric Walters books continues.  They never fail to entertain.  This one I was reading at the bus stop with my kids.  I was reading standing up waiting for a class to show up at the library.  I finished it as I put on my boots to come home.  I have never done this ever with a book, especially not a YA fiction!  I had to find out what happened.

It is a compelling story about a likable young lady.  The Secrets series was the brainchild of Eric Walters and Teresa Toten and this one tells the story of Lizzie/Betty/Elizabeth.  She finds that her mother was murdered, leaving her orphaned.  Her father is in Kingston Penitentiary serving time for the murder.  He claims to be innocent.  Lizzie is torn between the father she just met, the family who is supporting her and a young police officer with romantic interests.  You want her to find love and belonging.  You also feel that it's not going to be that easy.  There is a 'Clue' like mystery woven throughout.  A whodunit to introduce kids to the murder mystery!  A great novel to teach mystery.

Eric Walters fans and mystery lovers will enjoy this one!

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